Saturday, March 30, 2013

Reading Right Now:

               “Airtight” by David Rosenfelt is full of plot twists and an emphasis on the importance of family. Rosenfelt is the author of the Andy Carpenter mystery series. There are now ten books in the series with the first being “Open and Shut” and number 11 coming out in July called “Unleased.” The Carpenter series is a fantastic and funny mystery series that shouldn’t be missed. In between writing that series, Carpenter has written five stand alone novels with “Airtight” being my favorite so far. In July, Rosenfelt’s first nonfiction book is coming out about his cross-country move from California to Maine where he planned to start a dog rescue foundation (on this cross-country trip he moved both his family and 25 dogs).

On Hold Right Now:

               “Midnight at Marble Arch” by Anne Perry arrives in April and is the 28th novel in the Thomas Pitt mystery series. Perry writes Victorian mysteries that usually deal with people breaking the social mores of the time and paying a high price for it. Anne Perry was born Juliet Hulme and was convicted of participating in the murder of her best friend’s mother when they were teenagers. She changed her name when released from prison and has had tremendous success as a mystery writer since. The 1994 film “Heavenly Creatures” was based on the murder.

Take a look:

               The Independent Mystery Booksellers Association’s list of their “100 Favorite Mysteries of the 20th Century” includes these five authors whom I’ve enjoyed:

White, Randy Wayne. Sanibel Flats
Crais, Robert. The Monkey's Raincoat
Hiaasen, Carl. Tourist Season
Pronzini, Bill. Blue Lonesome
Rozan, S.J. Concourse

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