Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Looking forward to the first half of 2016:

Abbott, Jeff - The First Order
Burke, Alafair - The Ex
Burke, Zoe - No Gun Intended
Coleman, Reed Farrel - Where It Hurts
Dorsey, Tim - Coconut Cowboy


Hadley, Tessa - The Past
Hall, Parnell - Presumed Puzzled
Hoag, Tami – The Bitter Season
Hyzy, Julie – Foreign Eclairs
Hurwitz, Gregg - Orphan X
Jones, Darynda - The Dirt on Ninth Grave
Perry, Thomas – Forty Thieves
Rosenfeld, David - Blackout
Woods, Stuart - Scandalous Behavior

Archer, Jeffrey - Cometh the Hour
Barron, Stephanie - Jane and the Waterloo Map
Beaton, M. C. - Death of a Nurse
Berenson, Alex - The Wolves
Blaedel, Sarah - The Killing Forest
Cain, Sarah - The 8th Circle
Daheim, Mary - Here Comes the Bribe
Eisler, Barry - The God's Eye View
Estleman, Loren C. – Shoot
Fielding, Joy – She’s Not There
Fluke, Joanne - Wedding Cake Murder
Greaney, Mark - Back Blast
Harris, Tessa - Secrets in the Stones
Indridason, Arnaldur - Into Oblivion
Kellerman, Jonathan - Breakdown
Margolin, Phillip - Violent Crimes
May, Peter - Runaway
Robb, J.D. - Brotherhood in Death
Todd, Charles - No Shred of Evidence
Barbieri, Maggie - Lie in Plain Sight
Bowen, Rhys - Time of Fog and Fire
Box, C. J. - Off the Grid
Brady, Conor - The Eloquence of the Dead
Childs, Laura - Devonshire Scream
Coben, Harlan – Foot Me Once
Deaver, Jeffery - The Steel Kiss
Faye, Lyndsay - Jane Steele
Freeman, Brian - Goodbye to the Dead
Harris, C. S. – When Falcons Fall
Jance, J. A. – The Claw Back
Grippando, James - Gone Again
Laukkanen, Owen - The Watcher in the Wall
Lutz, Lisa – The Passenger
McKevett, G. A. - Killer Reunion
Mosse, Kate - The Taxidermist's Daughter
Nesbitt, John D. - Death in Cantera
Parker, T. Jefferson - Crazy Blood
Simon, Clea - The Ninth Life
Steinhauer, Olen - The Middleman
White, Randy Wayne - Deep Blue
Winspear, Jacqueline - Journey to Munich
Albert, Susan Wittig - Blood Orange
Allan, Barbara - Antiques Fate
Baldacci, David - The Last Mile
Black, Lisa - That Darkness
Johansen, Iris - Hide Away
Karst, Leslie - Dying for a Taste
Page, Katherine Hall - The Body in the Wardrobe
Quick, Amanda - 'Til Death Do Us Part
Roberts, Nora – The Obsession
Sandford, John - Extreme Prey
Scottoline, Lisa - Most Wanted
Woods, Stuart - Family Jewels
Armstrong, Kelley - City of the Lost
Barr, Nevada - Boar Island
Bond, Larry - Fatal Thunder
Clare, Alys - The Night Wanderer
Clark, Marcia - Blood Defense
Cutler, Judith - Guilt Edged
Grecian, Alex - Lost and Gone Forever
Haines, Carolyn - Rock-a-Bye Bones
Hamilton, Steve - The Second Life of Nick Mason
Hannah, Sophie - A Game for All the Family
Harrison, Cora - A Shameful Murder
                        Hill, Joe - The Fireman
                          Kava, Alex - Reckless Creed
                          Lippman, Laura - Wilde Lake
                          Martini, Steve - Blood Flag
                          Maxwell, Edith - Murder Most Fowl 

McCrumb, Sharon - Prayers the Devil Answers
Palmer, Daniel - Forgive Me
Preston, Douglas, and Lincoln Child - Beyond the Ice Limit
Pronzini, Bill - Zigzag
Riggs, Cynthia - Bloodroot
Thompson, Victoria - Murder in Morningside Heights
Black, Cara - Murder on the Quai
Copperman, E. J. - Written Off
Dalton, Annie - Written in Red
Doiron, Paul - Widowmaker
Jones, Darynda - The Curse of the Tenth Grave
Kellerman, Faye - Killing Season $25.99 William Morrow
Kuhns, Eleanor - The Devil's Cold Dish
Levine, Laura - Murder Has Nine Lives
McCrumb, Sharyn - Prayers the Devil Answers
Ryan, Hank Phillippi - Air Time

Monday, December 28, 2015

Appearing in December:

Since I’ve been sick most of this month, I am way behind in my reading. There are many books that came out in December that I wanted to read and have on hold. Just a few include: