Sunday, July 28, 2013

Reading right now:

           “The Black Country” by Alex Grecian is a fine follow up to “The Yard.” In the second installment of this historical murder series, the new Murder Squad detectives are sent to a small mining village where a family has disappeared, an eyeball was found in a tree, the town is sinking, and half the town is ill.

On hold right now:

            “What’s a Witch to Do?” by Jennifer Harlow which is the first in a new series called Midnight Magic. Mona McGregor is the High Priestess of a large coven in Virginia when she finds out that someone is trying to kill her in order to take over her job. Mona is warned by a sexy werewolf named Adam Blue who protects her while they try to determine who is behind the plot.

Of Interest (New Books coming out in August):

            “Guilt Edged” by Judith Cutler which is the sixth book in the Lina Townend mystery series. Townend is an antique dealer who usually uncovers crimes committed by others in her business, but this time finds herself accused of theft.

            “You Make Me Feel So Dead” by Robert J. Randisi is the eighth book in the Rat Pack mystery series. These books transport you back to the day when Frank Sinatra and “the Rat Pack” ruled entertainment and Vegas.

            “Flashpoint” by Ed Gorman is the fourth in the Dev Conrad series. Conrad is a political consultant working on Senator Robert Logan’s election when one of the women working on the campaign is murdered.

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