Sunday, October 6, 2013

Read a Paranormal Mystery for Halloween:

            Hannah Jayne’s Underworld Detective Agency Chronicles starts with “Under Wraps” and continues through five novels to the latest “Under a Spell.” The books center around Sophie Lawson who is employed by the Underworld Detective Agency because she is immune to magic which allows her to handle many problems that others are overwhelmed by. “Under Wraps” finds Sophie dealing with a rash of gruesome murders and a handsome human detective.

            Victoria Laurie’s Ghost Hunter series starts with “What’s a Ghoul to Do?” There are currently seven books in this series and number eight is coming out in 2014. M.J. Holliday and her partner Gilly get rid of problem ghosts and demons around the world.

            Soon to come out with her sixth book in the Charley Davidson series, Darynda Jones writes award winning books in which Charley is the grim reaper. Unfortunately, she’s found that it isn’t always easy to get people to go into the light some of them have issues that need to be resolved first.

            Casey Daniels has nine fantastic Pepper Martin mysteries ready for your reading pleasure. In the first novel, “Don of the Dead,” Pepper finds that she can see a dead Mafia don who is demanding that she hunt down his killer. This is the start of Pepper’s new job of being a P.I. to the dead.

Ghost a la Mode (A Ghost of...
A Hard Day's Knight (Nightside, #11)            Other authors to take a look at is the terrific Jim Butcher with his Harry Dresden series, Shirley Damsgaard’s Ophelia & Abby mysteries, Simon R. Green’s Nightside series, Sue Ann Jaffarian’s Ghost of Granny Apples mysteries, Madelyn Alt’s Bewitching mysteries, and on it goes. Read one and get hooked! You may find they are really fun to read.



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