Monday, February 3, 2014

Reading right now:
            “The Blood Promise” by Mark Pryor. Mark Pryor is a very busy and fascinating man. He grew up in England where he was a newspaper reporter. After he moved to Texas, he became an assistant district attorney and writes a true crime blog called D.A. Confidential. His first book came out as recently as 2012, but this September his fifth book in the Hugo Marston series comes out and he also has a nonfiction true crime book out. “The Blood Promise” just became available and continues the Hugo Marston series. As the head of security at the U.S. embassy in Paris, Marston is in the position to run into a lot of bad guys and he does. If you haven’t already discovered this series, you should run to your library to find the first book in the series which is “The Bookseller.” 
On hold right now:
            Michael Robertson’s “Moriarty Returns a Letter.” I’m not always thrilled with the idea of modern writers picking up classic characters and continuing the legacy, but Robertson’s Baker Street Letters series is really smart, clever, and a great idea. The books are about two brother lawyers who lease offices on Baker Street and start receiving letters to Sherlock Holmes. The letters are compelling and the brothers are driven to try to help the desperate people who write them. “Moriarty Returns a Letter” is the fourth book in the series.

Other Mysterious Things Available:

            If the 2014 Super Bowl wasn’t exciting enough, you might want to try reading “Cover-Up: Mystery at the Super Bowl” by John Feinstein. The book is part of Feinstein’s sports mystery series called the Final Four mystery series.

            There are lots of great mysteries to look forward to in February. J. A. Jance is putting out “Moving Target” which is the 9th book in the Alison Reynolds series. The 29th Alex Delaware book “Killer” by Jonathan Kellerman is coming out. Laura Lippman has a standalone mystery coming out called “After I’m Gone.” So stay tuned!

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