Monday, May 26, 2014

Reading right now:

            “The Skin Collector” by Jeffery Deaver. This is the 11th book in the Lincoln Rhyme series which has Rhyme’s group of special investigators for the NYPD searching for a murderous tattoo artist who is using poison instead of ink. I like this series, but it was really depressing when Lincoln was thinking of killing himself and now “The Skin Collector” is very reminiscent of “The Bone Collector” which was the first book in the series. I’m hoping that it picks up, but so far I’m not thrilled.

On hold right now:

            “The Red Chameleon” by Erica Wright. I am really looking forward to reading this debut mystery from poet Wright. Private Investigator Kat Stone is following an unfaithful husband who ends up shoot to death. As a former NYPD undercover detective, she has friends in the department who bring her into the investigation. This novel is supposed to be funny and engaging. I love the idea that Stone is great with disguises and gets help from her best friends, a drag queen and a gifted wig maker, to make the disguises even better. It sounds like fun.
Never hide from a good book

Other Mysterious Things:

            It’s time to start thinking about fun summer reading--maybe picking up a cozy for a change. If you’re not a cozy reader, perhaps one of the following coming out in June might change your mind. If you like mysteries, sometimes it’s nice to get away from blood and gore and look for something set in a nice small town with the blood to a minimum and the humor in the forefront. The second Miracolo mystery series, which started with “You Cannoli Die Once,” is coming out by Shelley Costa called “Basil Instincts.” Set in an Italian restaurant, a chef and her cousins investigate the death of a new sous chef. Isis Crawford is coming out with her 10th book in the Mystery with Recipes series called “A Catered Fourth of July” which continues the series about two sisters who run a catering business in New York. Another Fourth of July mystery coming out is “Independence Slay” by Shelley Freydont which will be the third in the Celebration Bay mystery series. If you love chocolate, the “Hot Fudge Frame-Up” by Christine DeSmet is coming out (it’s the second Fudge Shop mystery). Want a little dog in your mystery? Try “Paw Enforcement” by Diane Kelly which is the start of the new Megan Luz mystery series.

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