Monday, August 18, 2014

Reading right now:

            “Cradle to Grave” by Eleanor Kuhns. If you love historical mysteries, Eleanor Kuhns is a perfect choice for you. Her Will Rees series is rich in historical detail. It’s 1796 when Will Rees and Lydia set off to Mount Unity, New York to help Lydia’s old friend who has kidnapped five children in order to save them from an unfit Mother named Maggie Whitney. Legally there isn’t much that can be done, so when Maggie ends up dead, Lydia’s friend is the prime suspect. Can Will and Lydia find the real killer?

On hold right now:

            “The Bone Orchard” by Paul Doiron. This is the fifth book in the Maine game warden Mike Bowditch mystery series. After leaving his job as a game warden to work as a fishing guide, Mike’s former mentor is forced to kill a troubled war vet and faces criticism for her decision. The growing outrage leads to her getting shot which forces Mike into the manhunt. While Mike is chasing the shooter, he is also struggling with his job choices and his love life.

Other Mysterious Things:

            Laura Resnick’s paranormal mystery series starring Esther Diamond is so much fun that you should run out and read all six of the already finished books in order to prepare for the seventh coming out in November. “Abracadaver” will see struggling actress Esther reprising her guest role as prostitute Jilly C-Note on a television crime show called “The Dirty Thirty.” Esther’s New York police detective boyfriend, Connor Lopez, hates the show since it concentrates on corruption in the NYPD, but the show is popular and pays well. Unfortunately for Esther and the city of New York, corpses seem to be reanimating throughout the city. Once more Esther must work with her friend Max, a 350-year old mage whose job is to protect the city from Evil, in order to determine what is behind this new threat. I can’t wait. This series has mystery, romance, and fantasy and it’s very funny.

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