Friday, September 12, 2014

Reading right now:

            “Murder 101” by Faye Kellerman. Peter Decker and his wife have moved from Los Angeles to upstate New York in order to be close to their children. Decker finds himself bored by the small town police department until a major crime finally takes place. Tiffany panels have been stolen from a local cemetery which leads to murder and international intrigue. I find myself missing the LA setting and really don’t understand why Decker with his extensive experience would take a job that insults his ability. Plus his irritating new Harvard educated partner is getting on my nerves just a bit. This is book 22 of this series and the change of location is a major change for the series. Despite some reservations, still enjoying Kellerman’s latest. 

On hold right now:

            “Consumed” by David Cronenberg. Filmmaker Cronenberg’s new book is generating a lot of excitement. It has been called darkly humorous, bizarrely depraved, and grotesque. That sounds like most of his films! From what I’ve read the book revolves around two online journalists. One of the journalistic couple (Naomi) becomes obsessed with the murder of a French philosopher whose husband is accused of killing her. The couple were sexual libertines and police suspect that the husband killed his wife and consumed parts of her body. The husband has disappeared, but Naomi decides to track him down. Meanwhile Naomi’s partner is taking a separate, but equally disturbing journey. The two stories finally come together in a plot that involves murder, geopolitics, 3-D printing, North Korea, Cannes Film Festival, cancer, STDs, and sex. 

Other Mysterious Things:

            The new TNT series called “Legends” is based on the book “Legends: a Novel of Dissimulation” by Robert Littell. The story revolves around undercover FBI agent Martin Odum who has played so many different roles for his job that he no longer always knows who he is. The amazing English actor Sean Bean plays Odum. TNT has some fantastic mystery/thriller series. “Rizzoli & Isles” just started the fifth season. The show is based on the novels of Tess Gerritsen. The first season of “Murder in the First” recently ended. The show followed a single case through the whole season. Another great show on FX is “Justified” which is based on three Elmore Leonard’s novels “Pronto,” “Riding the Rap,” and his short story “Fire in the Hole."

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