Monday, January 26, 2015

Reading right now:
            “Brownies and Broomsticks” by Bailey Cates. I just found this series called the Magical Bakery Mystery series which started with “Brownies and Broomsticks” (2012). After Katie Lightfoot moves from Ohio to Savannah to open a bakery with her Aunt and Uncle, she finds out that she comes from a long line of witches. As she struggles to recover from a bad breakup, open a new business, and adjust to her heritage, she must also help solve the murder of a powerful local resident who threatened to destroy their new bakery. Katie’s uncle was seen arguing with the dead women just before her death and is the number one suspect. I am really enjoying this start to this new series and am looking forward to catching up with the other three books that are available and in July the fifth book comes out called “Magic and Macaroons.” Cates also writes the Home Crafting Mystery series under the name Cricket McRae.
On hold right now:

            “Winter at the Door” by Sarah Graves. Known for her Home Repair is Homicide series, Graves opens a new series with Boston homicide cop Lizzie Snow starting a new job in a small town in Maine. Her new job takes off quickly when the deaths of several of the city’s retired cops begins to look like murder. Lizzie finds that the small town has a dark side which the townspeople don’t want to talk about. Lizzie also has a dark side which involves her sister’s murder and the hope that the town holds to secret to her missing niece’s location. The book is being compared to Linda Castillo and Lisa Gardner’s books which makes it sound like a winner.

Other Mysterious Things:
            Covering up and keeping secrets is a common theme in mystery novels and that theme continues in Jack Fredrickson’s “Silence the Dead.” Fredrickson is known for his Dek Ekstrom mystery series, but this new novel is based on a real life murder case. When an 1948 unsolved murder victim was exhumed, someone else’s head was found in the casket. Reading about this event in the newspaper caught Fredrickson’s attention and resulted in “Silence the Dead.”

Other new books available in January:

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