Saturday, March 21, 2015

Reading right now:

            “What the Fly Saw” by Frankie Y. Bailey. “The Red Queen Dies” introduced detective Hannah McCabe and her partner in this only slightly futuristic (2019) mystery. Now McCabe is back and faced with the murder of a funeral director. While trying to find her way through the maze of lies that surround the death, McCabe is also faced with political controversy involving her family and unanswered questions from an earlier case.

On hold right now:

            “Signature Kill” by David Levien. This is the fourth book featuring investigator Frank Behr. In this mystery novel, Behr is faced with a serial-killer. Brooding ex-cop Frank Behr is an Indianapolis private detective who is barely scrapping by when he is hired to find a missing daughter. It doesn’t take Frank long to determine that the missing girl and the serial killer cases are connected.

Other Mysterious Things:

            It’s rare to find a mystery author who isn’t writing a series and sometimes the main character in that series becomes more memorable than the author. Think about Alex Cross, Peter Decker, Lucas Davenport, Lincoln Rhyme, Myron Bolitar, Aloysius Pendergast, Jack Reacher, Elvis Cole, Dave Robicheaux, Andy Carpenter, Harry Bosch, and on it goes. Once you find a character you like, you want to read all the books with that character even when one of the books in the series doesn’t live up to the rest. The hope is that the next one will be great again and in the meantime you get to spend some time with a character that feels like a good friend and see where that character’s life is going. As spring arrives this month so does any number of new mystery books that are the next in a series. First to take note of is J.A. Jance’s latest called “Cold Betrayal” which is the tenth book in the Ali Reynolds series. Deryn Lake’s third book in the Nick Lawrence series becomes available in the U.S. (“The Moonlit Door”). Owen Laukkanen’s latest Kirk Stevens and Carla Windermere mystery is the fourth in the series (“The Stolen Ones”). G. A. McKevett’s 20th book in the Savannah Reid series is out (“Killer Gourmet”). C. J. Box’s 15th Joe Pickett novel “Endangered” is available this month, as is,  David Morrell’s second book in the Thomas De Quincey series called “Inspector of the Dead.”
            If you love a good series, you are always looking for a new series to add to your list. This month Brian Freeman introduces Cab Bolton in “Season of Fear.”  Leslie Budewitz also introduces a new series with “Assault and Pepper.” Diana Orgain’s new series starts with “A First Date with Death.”

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