Saturday, July 11, 2015

Reading right now:

            “The Fraud” by Brad Parks. This sixth book in the Carter Ross series is sparkling with the same wit and intelligence that have made this series stand out. Journalist Ross is his usual feisty and humorous self, but with a difference. His girlfriend is about to have a baby which is forcing Ross to grow up. In the meantime, the current story he is investigating on a series of carjacking that ended in murder puts his unborn baby in danger and makes him realize what is really important.

On hold right now:

            “Green Hell” by Ken Bruen. Irish author Bruen adds the 11th novel to his Jack Taylor series. This series started in 2001 with “The Guards.” Taylor is a disgraced ex-cop in Galway whose life continues to go downhill in his latest novel. One of Taylor’s best friends is dead, another isn’t speaking to him and he has pretty much given in to his alcohol addiction. When he rescues an American student, he becomes involved in destroying a respected, but violent professor who has friends in high places. Don’t forget to watch the TV show based on these books.  

Other Mysterious Things:

book cover of 

Eat Crow and Die

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