Monday, July 11, 2016

Reading right now:

            “Little Girl Gone” by Gerry Schmitt. This is the first book by Schmitt which is the first in a new series featuring Minneapolis Police Department’s family liaison officer Afton Tangler. After a baby goes missing from a Minneapolis home, Tangler is left with the job of dealing with the family in crisis and the growing conviction that this is not an isolated incident.

On hold right now:

            “Among the Wicked” by Linda Castillo. This eighth book in the Chief of Police Kate Burkholder series finds Burkholder infiltrating an Amish community in upstate New York in order to find the truth behind a young girl’s death. Burkholder finds herself alone in a community filled with secrets they are guarding to the death. This is a terrific series and the latest installment sounds truly promising. Can’t wait to read this one.

Other Mysterious Things:                              
“Outfoxed” by David Rosenfelt. Hard to believe this is the 14th book in the fantastically funny Andy Carpenter series. Andy Carpenter turns his money and time to his greatest love—dogs. In this case, Andy has been working with a county prison program where inmates help train rescued dogs to make them more adoptable. Unfortunately, one of the inmates Andy has bene working with makes a prison escape with the dog he has been training. When the escapee is captured and accused of murder, Andy finds himself defending him. This legal thriller sounds perfect: dogs, escaped prisoner, murder, and Andy Carpenter. What could be better?
“The Baker Street Jurors” by Michael Robertson. Brothers Reggie and Nigel Heath continue to answer letters that arrive at the 221B Baker Street address for Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately, one of the letters they receive is for Nigel Heath to serve on a jury. When England’s greatest sports hero is accused of murder, Nigel finds himself part of the jury which is more dangerous than he could have ever anticipated. This is the fifth book in this interesting and fun series.
“The Secret Language of Stones” by M. J. Rose. If you enjoy Rose’s unusual books, you might light her latest standalone novel which isn’t a traditional mystery, but is a thriller written by a writer whose books are original and exciting.
“All is not Forgotten” by Wendy Walker. This unusual thriller involves a girl who underwent a horrific attack and has her memories erased in order to move on with her life. Unfortunately, she is still haunted by something that she can’t really remember. Her parents are no help since her father is obsessed with finding the monster that attacked her and her mother is sunk in depression. Jenny’s only solution may be to try to get her memories back.

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