Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reading right now:

               I’m thrilled to have finally received “Fonduing Fathers” by Julie Hyzy. This is the sixth book in her White House Chef series. I love the main character, Chef Olivia Paras, who is tough, determined, loves her job, and is really good at what she does. The books always include recipes at the end. Usually Chef  Paras is dealing with threats to White House security, but in “Fonduing Fathers” she tackles finding out the truth about her father’s murder. Hyzy writes another series and other mysteries, but I have only read the White House Chef series and would really recommend it.

Culinary mysteries focus on food and death in equal parts. There are many amazing authors writing these terrifically fun books including Diane Mott Davison, Robin Allen, Ellen Hart, Phyllis C. Richman, Mary Jane Clark, and Jessica Beck (to name just a few). If you want to change it up just a bit, watch the fantastic BBC TV series which turns it all around and has the policeman trying to fulfill his dream of being a chef by running a restaurant on the side.

On hold right now:

               “Airtight” by David Rosenfelt. I am not thrilled that this is a standalone instead of part of his Andy Carpenter series, but I’ve enjoyed his standalones so hopefully this one will be good. The Andy Carpenter series is just so great—funny and exciting—and he is involved in rescuing dogs! The book comes out in February and I noticed that a new Andy Carpenter book is scheduled for July (so feel better already).
There are many good books for helping you train your dog, but the ones on various tricks or activities you can teach are helpful to give you ideas on how to play with your dog productively.

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