Friday, February 1, 2013

Reading right now:

“Blood Lance” by Jeri Westerson.  “Blood Lance” is the latest installment in the Medieval mystery series featuring disgraced former knight Crispin Guest. Trying to survive while living under the cloud of being convicted of Treason isn’t easy for Guest, but his gift for tracking down lost items and bad guys keeps a roof over his head. “Veil of Lies” was the first book in this series with “Blood Lance” being the sixth. Each of the books have been really good and left me wanting to follow Guest’s adventures in the future.

Los Angeles native Jeri Westerson has won several awards for the books in her Crispin Guest series.  She can also be found touring the county giving lectures on her collection of medieval weaponry. While her character Crispin may live in the Middle Ages, he has a Facebook page and a blog in modern times (must be a time travel Dr. Who kind of thing!).
Food Or Books?

On hold right now:

I just picked up my hold “Winter Break” by Merry Jones. This is the third book in her Harper Jennings series (“Summer Session” was the first).  Harper is a Iraqi war veteran with PTSD and a talented amateur sleuth.

A few authors with new books out in February include: Avery Aames (“To Brie or Not to Brie),  Alan Bradley (“Speaking from Among the Bones”), Sheila Connolly (“Buried in a Bog”), Deborah Crombie (“The Sound of Broken Glass”), and Joanne Fluke (Red Velvet Cupcake Murder).


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