Sunday, May 5, 2013

Reading Right Now:

               “Deadly Sting” by Jennifer Estep (8th in the Elemental Assassin series which started with “Spider’s Bite”) continues Gin Blanco’s attempt to leave her past as an assassin behind, but there are just too many people who need killing and wrongs that need to be righted. These fun books which fall into the category of urban fantasy (which seems to just mean fantasy books set in a city) include giants, dwarves, vampires, and elementals (beings who have the ability to control air, fire, ice, and /or stone. If you haven’t read this series get started with “Spider’s Bite” and hurry because the ninth book “Heart of Venom” is coming out in late August.

On Hold Right Now:

               “City of Dragons” by Kelli Stanley is the first book in the Miranda Corbie mystery series (“City of Secrets” and “City of Ghosts” are the other two currently available). “City of Dragons” was a 2011 LA Times Book Prize Finalist. Miranda Corbie is a PI in 1940s San Francisco trying her best to bring justice whatever the cost. Ms. Stanley says about herself that she laughs easily and “credits reading Raymond Chandler with teaching her how to write.” A sense of humor and loves to read Chandler!? These books have got to be good!

Special Interest:

               People are always wondering why some people like to read and others don’t. Usually parents want to know how to make their children love to read. I wish I had an answer. For myself, I have always loved reading. My Mother did too. She set the example, but something inside of me was drawn to reading. I am never bored as long as there is a book by my side. A good book is great company and when you read a book you get inside the lives of interesting people and follow their adventures. In the case of a mystery, you help solve the puzzle of whatever problem they’ve gotten into. Mysteries are engaging, adventurous, suspenseful, and exciting. No matter what else I do for fun, I always come back to reading which completely takes me away from all my problems and transforms me into another world in a more complete way than movies, computer games, or just about anything else. Not everyone is going to fall in love with reading, but hopefully there will always be those who find reading as glorious as I do.

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