Sunday, June 2, 2013


Reading right now:

David Freed. “Fangs Out.”  This is the second book in the Cordell Logan series. The first book was “Flat Spin” which came out in 2012. Retired military assassin Cordell Logan is hired to find the real killer of the daughter of retired war hero Hub Walker. The convicted killer claims that a friend of Hub’s actually did the killing. When Logan starts digging for answers, his life is threatened and he realizes there is a puzzle to be solved. This new thriller is full of action and interesting characters.

On hold right now:

Alex Kava. “Stranded.” In this11th  book in the series, FBI agent Maggie O’Dell hunts for a madman who picks up and murders young women at highway rest stops. This is a great series. 

Other Mysterious things:

The new season of “Longmire” just got started on A&E. It’s a great series and actor Robert Taylor is wonderful as Sheriff Walt Longmire. This series is based on Craig Johnson’s mystery series. The ninth book in the series is available in June, 2013 (“A Serpent’s Tooth”).

Great forthcoming books for June:

Ace Atkins. “The Broken Places.” In the third mystery featuring Sheriff Quinn Colson, an infamous murderer newly released from prison claims he has been saved and has repented of his sins, but the victim’s family and his accomplices don’t believe him.

S.J. Bolton. “Like This, For Ever (or Lost.)” In this English police procedural, Lacey Flint is on leave from the London police, but when a serial killer targets young boys draining their bodies of blood and leaving them on the Thames beach, she is drawn back on the job, and the stakes become higher when her young neighbor could be the killer’s next victim.

Sara Gran. “Claire DeWitt and the Bohemian Highway.” When Private Detective Claire De Witt’s musician ex-boyfriend is found dead in San Francisco, she knows it isn’t a simple robbery so she follows the clues to unravel a much more complicated story. This is the second novel in the series with Claire who uses her dreams, omens, and mind-expanding herbs to solve cases, while relying on a book published by French detective Jacques Silette for inspiration.

Debut novels:

If you are looking for new authors, these three are bringing out their debut novels in June:

Royce Prouty. “Stoker’s Manuscript.”  Hired to authenticate and purchase the original manuscript for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, rare-manuscript expert Joseph Barkeley travels to Romania, where he is held captive by a descendent of Vlad Dracul. To order to earn his freedom, Barkeley is forced to decipher cryptic messages hidden in the text of “Dracula.”

Karen Keskinen. “Blood Orange.”  The first in this promising series introduces Santa Barbara PI Jaymie Zarlin who is hired to find the murderer of a teenaged girl, killed during the solstice festival. Zarlin quickly comes up against some of the city’s most powerful families.

Edith Maxwell.” A Tine to Live, a Tine to Die.” An organic farmer in Massachusetts is forced to fire an employee, only to find him stabbed to death with a pitchfork. This is the first in a series which looks to share lots of organic gardening tips.


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