Monday, September 23, 2013

Reading right now:

            “Death Angel” by Linda Fairstein. This is Fairstein’s 15th mystery featuring Assistant District Attorney Alex Cooper. In Manhattan, Fairstein has run the Sex Crimes Unit of the District Attorney’s Office for two decades which gives her stories a unique realism, not only regarding the law, but the setting as well. In this new novel, Alex Cooper and Detective Mike Chapman track a serial killer through Central Park.

On hold right now:

            “Storm Front” by John Sandford. In this seventh Virgil Flowers mystery, Virgil gets his “Da Vinci Code” moment when an Israeli cop shows up in Minnesota on the trail of the man who stole and smuggled in an important King Solomon relic.

Other Mysterious things:

Here’s three authors presenting their first mysteries:

“Just What Kind of Mother Are You” is Paula Daly’s first novel which revolves around one of my worst nightmares: the disappearance of your best friend’s child under your watch.

“Hiding Gladys” is the first novel in Lee Mims’ new series centering on geologist Cleo Cooper. After discovering a huge granite deposit which could make many people wealthy, Cleo’s project is plagued with murder and accidents.

“Jump the Gun” by Zoe Burke introduces smart and sexy Annabelle Starkey. In this first in a planned series, Annabelle’s hook up with Mickey Paxton sends them both on the run from police and criminals who seem to think she knows more than she does.


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