Monday, September 2, 2013

Reading right now:

            Thank God for David Rosenfelt’s “Unleashed.” His wonderful humor, love of all things dog, and great writing has gotten me through a heat wave where my air conditioning went down and having my computer get infected by a terrible virus. If you haven’t read Rosenfelt’s Andy Carpenter series now is the time. Run out and pick up the first in the series (“Open and Shut”) and don’t stop until you get to “Unleashed” which is the 11th book in this fun series.

On hold right now:

“Green-Eyed Lady” by Chuck Greaves. This is the second in his legal mystery series which started with “Hush Money.” Chuck Greaves writes under a couple of names and in his past life was a trail lawyer, a librarian, and a construction worker. This legal thriller has a sense of humor and a terrific sense of place (with the Los Angeles area being that place).

Other Mysterious things:

            Have you caught “King and Maxwell” on TNT yet? Based on David Baldacci’s Sean King and Michelle Maxwell series of books, the tv show stars Jon Tenney and Rebecca Romijn and is well worth watching. This series of books starts with “Split Second” and continues to the sixth book called “King and Maxwell” which comes out November, 2013.

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