Monday, March 10, 2014

Reading right now:
            “Killer” by Jonathan Kellerman. I’m finally reading the latest from Jonathan Kellerman. I was slow to get to this one, so I’m sure everyone else has finished it already! I do love the Alex Delaware books and am enjoying this one. Los Angeles always plays a pivotal part in Kellerman’s books and recognizing the streets and areas in the books is really fun. Another element I enjoy in this series is the relationship between Delaware and his longtime friend Detective Milo Sturgis. So far the book’s unusual storyline is not disappointing (so much so that I wish I’d had more time the last couple of days so that I could have finished it). “Killer” is the 29th Alex Delaware book which started in 1985 with “When the Bough Breaks.”     
Is she the "Killer" or not? 
On hold right now:
            “Strange Bodies” by Marcel Theroux. Here’s a book that has been much talked about from National Book Award finalist Marcel Theroux. From everything I’ve heard it would also be a great book to present to your book club for discussion. I’ve seen it called a high-concept literary thriller, thought-provoking, a combination of comedy and horror, and at its center is the question of what makes us what we are. What would you do if a long dead friend arrived on your doorstep in another body, but with the same personality and memories and life experiences? I love the publisher’s statement about this intriguing book, “Strange Bodies takes the reader on a dizzying speculative journey that poses questions about identity, authenticity, and what it means to be truly human.” This sounds fascinating and I can’t wait for it to come in.
Other Mysterious Things Available:

            If you’re thinking of buying a tablet or already have an iPad (or whatever), don’t forget to take a look at your library’s website and see what your local library offers you for downloading free ebooks and audio books. Most libraries now allow you free access to Overdrive. Overdrive offers lots of highly desirable titles, as well as, tutorials which will help you learn how to download books into any device you own. It is fairly easy and they are constantly developing new ways to make it even easier to use.
A library at your fingertips.

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