Monday, March 17, 2014

Reading right now:
            “Why Kings Confess” by C. S. Harris. This is the ninth book in the Sebastian St. Cyr mystery series. I spend all year watching for a new book in this series to come out because I love these books and this author. The characters are memorable and have fascinating relationships, the murders usually involve political intrigue, the history is a meaningful part of the story, and an intriguing part of the story. Harris is an historical mystery author with a Ph.D. in European history and she makes the time she is writing about come alive which in this case is the Regency period (early 1800s in England). In “Why Kings Confess,” aristocratic investigator Sebastian St. Cyr gets caught up in the murder of a member of a secret delegation sent by Napoleon to negotiate for peace with Britain.
Readin' the green for St. Patrick's Day

On hold right now:
“Runner” by Lee Patrick.  This is the first in a new series introducing retired special forces Ranger Sam Dryden. The story starts with Dryden jogging in the small Southern California town where he lives, only to run into a terrified young girl who is trying to escape from a group of armed men who she says are part of a secret government group that has keep her prisoner for as long as she can remember. In trying to protect her, Dryden finds much more danger than he could have ever imagined.
Other Mysterious Things Available:

            St. Patrick’s Day! What a great day to read an Irish mystery. Tana French’s series featuring the Dublin Murder Squad is one of my favorites with the fifth book in the series coming out in September, 2014. Sheila Connolly writes the County Cork mystery series with “Buried in a Bog” being the first in the series. Benjamin Black is also a good choice with the Quirke series (“Christine Falls” was the first of six so far). Cora Harrison’s mystery series Burren is an excellent historical series with the 11th “Verdict of the Court” coming out in July. For some Irish American intrigue try Stephan Talty’s two mysteries “Black Irish” and his latest coming out in May “Hangman.” Rhys Bowen’s series about Irishwoman Molly Murphy who moved to American at the turn of the century (1900s) and wants to be a P.I. is another good choice. March 4, 2014 saw the addition of the 13th book in this historical mystery series called “City of Darkness and Light.” Erin Hart has five books available in her Nora Gavin series. These should keep you busy until next St. Patrick’s Day.

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