Sunday, April 19, 2015

Reading right now:

            “The Stranger” by Harlan Coben. After being told a devastating secret about his wife from a stranger, Adam Price’s perfect life is shattered and his wife disappears. Trying to find her leads to others whose lives have been damaged by secrets that an unknown adversary knows and sometimes tells. I enjoyed this interesting novel about secrets told and secrets kept, but perhaps not as much as I have enjoyed Coben’s other books. No matter what Coben is always worth reading.

On hold right now:

Sing a Worried Song” by William Deverall. This is the sixth book in the Arthur Beauchamp legal series set in Vancouver. Deverall is a trail lawyer, journalist, and created the CBC television series “Street Legal.” His new novel in this series starts with a 1987 trial where Beauchamp prosecuted a young man who supposedly murdered a clown and moves forward to the present when Beauchamp comes out of retirement to defend a local character who is arrested for marijuana trafficking. Unfortunately for Beauchamp, at the same time, the convicted clown killer he put away is out on parole and out to get him.

Other Mysterious Things:

A number of great historical mysteries were released this month. Starting with “The Masque of a Murderer” by Susanna Calkins. This is the third in the Lucy Campion mystery series set in London in 1667 revolving around a Printer’s apprentice. Alex Grecian’s “The Devil’s Workshop” is the third book in the Murder Squad series which takes place in 1890s London. Available in the U.S. is Conor Brady’s “A June of Ordinary Murders” which is the first book in the Joe Swallow series set in Dublin in 1887. Bruce Holsinger’s “The Invention of Fire” is the second book in the John Gower series set in 14th century London. The tenth book in the Bernie Gunther series by Philip Kerr is set in 1942 and called “The Lady from Zagreb.” 

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