Saturday, April 25, 2015

Reading right now:

            “A June of Ordinary Murders” by Conor Brady. This book came out in 2012 and is the first book in a new series which I hadn’t gotten around to reading until now. I have almost finished the book and found it plodding and repetitive in the beginning, but it really heats up as it goes along and the characters and setting is amazing. Joe Swallow is the main character in this Irish Victorian historical mystery. In 1887 crimes fit into two categories some are considered “special” which means political and all the rest fall in the “ordinary” category. In the middle of the celebration of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, Detective Sergeant Joe Swallow finds himself investigating the mutilated bodies of a man and a child who were found in Phoenix Park and whose murders are just the beginning. “The Eloquence of the Dead” is the second book in this interesting new series and is available now.

On hold right now:

            “The Well” by Catherine Chanter. In this complicated debut thriller, Ruth Ardingly’s life is shattered by the murder of her grandson. After he is drowned in one of the few ponds left in a drought stricken British countryside, Ruth searches for the truth.

Other mysterious things:

            Other debut novels recently out or coming out soon include the following: “The Evidence Room” by Cameron Harvey which is a police procedural set in Florida and comes out in June. In February, Judith Janeway introduced the Valentine Hill mystery series with “The Magician’s Daughter.” In the first book in this new series, Valentine Hill is a magician who goes undercover to help solve the murder of her FBI friend. Janeway introduced the Alison Weaver mystery series in 2014 with “Odds of Dying.” She hasn’t followed up on that series so it will be interesting to see how she continues what are now two series. Alex Gilly’s debut novel “Devil’s Harbor” comes out in June and features a pair of Marine Interdiction Agents for Customs and Border Protection who hunt for drug smugglers, human traffickers, and other criminals in the waters off Southern California. “The Devil’s Making” by Sean Haldane comes out in the U.S. in May. In Victorian Colonial North America, English policeman Chad Hobbes must solve the murder of American alienist Dr. McCrory who seemed to be keeping a lot of secrets. Duncan Jepson’s new Alex Soong series comes out in June in the U.S. In “Emperors Once More” Soong is a Hong Kong detective who catches the killing of two Chinese Methodist ministers on the eve of a crisis summit for world economic leaders.

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