Sunday, December 16, 2012

Reading right now:

In “The Black Box” by Michael Connelly, Harry Bosch takes on a cold case. Twenty years ago, Bosch caught a murder the night of the L.A. Riots. The case was handed off to the Riot Crimes Task Force and was never solved.  Bosch quickly discovers that the murder had nothing to do with the Riots and races to find a solution before his boss decides the case is taking up too much of the department’s time. Fast moving, fascinating plot which is sure to make you stay up all night! Connelly worked for the LA Times for a while before writing his first novel “The Black Echo” which kicked off the Harry Bosch series. He has won many awards and had two of his books made into movies (“Blood Work” and “The Lincoln Lawyer”).
On hold right now:

            Jim Butcher’s “Cold Days.” Why can’t he write faster? I love Harry Dresden and can’t wait for my library hold to come in. Dresden’s life just gets more and more complicated and I wonder what else could possibly happen to him. Dresden is a wizard who is also a detective. Shades of Harry Potter grown up and a little twisted.

Special items:
With the loss of my dog, I have been thinking about all the wonderful authors known to be crazy about their dogs. Dean Koontz loved one of his golden retrievers so much that he wrote a book about her called “A Big Little Life.” Among the many quotes from Koontz about dogs is something I’ve been feeling a lot lately: "Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.” When Robert B. Parker died two years ago, one of the things they mentioned in his obituary was his great love of dogs. Parker created one of the great private detectives of all time—Spenser! Every mystery lover should read a Spenser novel or all 40 of them, as well as, the Jesse Stone novels. Parker owned short-haired pointers and named each one Pearl which was also the name of Spenser’s girlfriend’s dog in the novels. Other dog loving mystery writers where dogs are an important part of their books include: Susan Conant, Melissa Cleary, Donna Ball, Cynthia Baxter, Laurien Berenson, Carol Lea Benjamin, Lora Roberts, Spencer Quinn, David Rosenfelt, and J. F. Englert.

 Robert Parker and Pearl

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