Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Reading right now:

            “The Harvest Man” by Alex Grecian. Inspector Walter Day and his Murder Squad continue to try to modernize Scotland Yard to catch increasingly horrifying killers who terrorize London (such as Jack the Ripper). This is the fourth book in what has been an excellent series. The Harvest Man is a monstrous killer who hides in people’s homes to come out and night and cut off their faces. Grecian is an American author writing an English historical mystery which has been very well received.

On hold right now:

            “Anatomy of Evil” by Will Thomas. This is another American author writing an historical English historical series. This is the seventh book in the series about PIs Cyrus Barker and Thomas Llewelyn. It is 1888, when Barker and Llewelyn are asked by Scotland Yard to help track down the latest murderer who has been eluding the police and is called Jack the Ripper. I suppose it would be impossible to write a Victorian mystery series without at some point trying to deal with Jack the Ripper and this is Thomas’ attempt. While "The Harvest Man" talks a lot about Jack the Ripper and "Anatomy of Evil" directly deals with Jack, there is a third book out this month about Jack the Ripper which is called "I, Ripper" by Stephen Hunter. Many writers and readers seem to have a passion for Jack the Ripper and new books are constantly coming out which makes you wonder if the interest will go on forever.

Other Mysterious Things:

I recently discovered my husband online looking for quotes on passion. When I asked him why, I was told that he was trying to help his new trainees find passion for their work. For me the question became: “Can you teach someone passion?” In my life, I have always had a passion for reading. I discovered that passion as a child and I have tried to help others find books that will ignite a passion in them. I’ve seen kids find a book that sets them off on a lifetime of reading and discovery. I’ve spent years telling people that if you love to read you’ll never be bored or lonely, but despite my best efforts there are those I’ve not been able to convince. My hope, however, is that there is something else in their lives that they will discover that they are passionate about. Good luck in finding your passion. As May comes to a close, here are a few  more books that came out in May that you might be passionate about!

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