Saturday, May 16, 2015

Reading right now:

            “The Fall” by John Lescroart. The 16th book in the legal thriller series which usually features Dismas Hardy. “The Fall” introduces Rebecca, Hardy’s daughter, who has joined his team and is about to go through her first murder trial. Hardy’s career has been long and varied. He was a marine, a San Francisco cop, an assistant district attorney, and now has his own law firm where his daughter is an associate. After a teenage African-American foster child falls to her death, a middle school teacher is tried for the murder of the teen. Hardy and his daughter don’t believe he committed the murder and try to present other possible killers including a missing stepfather, a roommate who ran a call girl service, an unstable birth mother, and a mysterious homeless man.

On hold right now:

            “The Forgotten Room” by Dr. Jeremy Logan. My favorite series by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston is, of course, the Pendergast series, but this most recent novel coming out is book four of the Dr. Jeremy Logan series. Logan specializes in investigating unexplained phenomena and in this latest thriller he uncovers a long-lost secret experiment after being hired by an American think tank after one of their doctors kills himself.

Other mysterious things:

            I’ve been catching up with all the Victoria Laurie books that I hadn’t gotten around to reading yet. She has two fun paranormal mystery series. Her Psychic Eye series stars Abby Cooper and her 13th book in that series comes out in July (“Sense of Deception”). The first book in that series was “Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye.” Her other series that I enjoy is the Ghost Hunter Mystery series. “No Ghouls Allowed” was the ninth book in that series with the 10th (“A Ghoul’s Guide to Love and Murder”) coming out in January, 2016. I was able to catch up quickly since Los Angeles Public Library has all of her books available via Overdrive as ebooks. If you are reading ebooks on a tablet or on your computer, find out how to get tons of free books from your local library. Almost all libraries have an agreement with Overdrive to allow library card holders to download free books so if you aren’t taking advantage of that service find out how by going to your local library or by taking a look at your library’s website.

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